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At Global Lift Equipment we celebrate the exclusive representation agreement signed with the Chilean company Delmoz Spa.

Both Global Lift Equipment and Delmoz Spa are companies that never stop in the constant search for business excellence and with a clear commitment to customers, suppliers, collaborators and the local community.

For GLE, the references throughout the world, about our products and services, are our main quality guarantee. We are aware that the quality and excellence of products and services, within a business culture, can only be achieved if we maintain full cooperation with our main partners, as in this case, Delmoz Spa for the Chilean market.

Delmoz company offers quality services linked to vertical transport, despite being a young company they have the tools to give the best service to their clients in terms of maintenance, modernization, installation and standardization of all types of lifts. In addition, thanks to its extensive experience they can provide advice for the Lift selection and purchase that best suits with your building needs.

Thanks to this commercial relationship we have grown in the country and we have excellent business relationships with the largest real estate companies and other companies in the sector.

In addition, we have managed to carry out the first projects together with a high satisfaction level. With our high-quality lifts and Delmoz’s excellent technical-commercial network, we can supply all kinds of lifts, even tailor-made, with the most demanding European guarantee and certification, and at very competitive prices.


Paula Agudo News

At Global Lift Equipment, we are very impressed with the nice job made by our good partner in the United Kingdom, Amalgamated Liftd Ltd.

It is a great modernisation in an existing shaft, with fully glazed structure and special bronze finishes in all the walls, landing doors and car doors.

We have manufactured this special Enviro Custo Max with rucksack sling and glazed landing and car doors to be the substitute of the former Lift.

The Enviro Custo Max is Global Lift Equipment’s main Solution for refurbishments and modernisations, it is a compact MRL gearless Lift with extremely reduced headroom, pit and shaft dimensions.

After a great work on site for the installation and modernisation we can only say that a picture is worth more than a thousand words!

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GLE Lifts - Enviro Custo Max

GLE Lifts - Enviro Custo Max

GLE Lifts - Enviro Custo Max


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Not only we adjust our design to specific shaft dimensions, building conditions, specifications, materials. We also give our customers the possibility of a complete bespoke solution for their lifts. From choosing or designing their COP, buttons, landing indicators, landing push stations, car indicators…  

Check out our End User Catalogue in our website, to design your lift according to your needs & don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for further information on (

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

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At GLE we are happy to have started our first orders using BIM. It’s been such a big market demand and we are now ready to collaborate in external projects during their entirety with the same design platform as the rest of interveners.

We can use it for the design of all of our lifts (passanger lifts, service lifts, goods lifts, car lifts) and collaborate through all the steps with all the parties involve in the construction

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Ask for more information:


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La directive 2014/33 / CE relative aux ascenseurs á introduit, par rapport aux réglementations précédentes, de nouvelles exigences pour garantir la sécurité et le contrôle des ascenseurs et de leurs composants de sécurité, aussi bien dans le cas de nouveaux ascenseurs que pour les composants de sécurité des ascenseurs et les ascenseurs existants.

Les principaux aspects de la directive européenne sont les suivants:

– Obligation de signaler et de maintenir la traçabilité des ascenseurs et de leurs composants:

  • Les entreprises qui fabriquent, vendent ou installent des composants de sécurité pour ascenseurs doivent s’inscrire, avec un minimum de 10 ans, au lieu de l’achat et à qui le composant en question a été vendu.
  • Les ascenseurs et les composants de sécurité doivent comporter un numéro de type, de lot ou de série indiquant leur marque et une adresse de contact unique dans une langue compréhensible par l’utilisateur final.

-Obligations de communication des risques éventuels des agents économiques. Dorénavant, tout agent impliqué dans la chaîne d’approvisionnement (installateur, fabricant, importateur ou distributeur) doit:

  • Offrez la garantie de marquage CE et une documentation et des instructions adéquates.
  • Surveiller en permanence les défauts et les réclamations.
  • Garantir une conformité inaltérée lors du transport et du stockage.
  • Signalez immédiatement les risques aux agences nationales de surveillance du marché.
  • Définir et communiquer les actions correctives dérivées.
  • Coopérer avec les agences nationales de surveillance du marché en cas de besoin.




Chaque fois qu’un composant présentant un risque pour la sécurité est détecté, le client et l’autorité compétente doivent être avertis et des mesures correctives doivent être prises dès que possible. Dans ces cas, la directive facilitera la localisation et le remplacement des composants potentiellement dangereux.

Chez GLE, nous garantissons la traçabilité complète de tous nos ascenseurs et de leurs composants, conformément aux directives de cette directive européenne.

Pour plus d'informations, n'hésitez pas à contacter notre équipe technique et commerciale à l'adresse suivante:


Los puntos clave de la Directiva Europea de Ascensores 2014/33/CE


La directiva 2014/33/CE de ascensores introduce, respecto a la normativa anterior, nuevos requisitos para garantizar la seguridad y el control de los ascensores y sus componentes de seguridad, tanto en el caso de ascensores nuevos como de los componentes de seguridad de los ascensores existentes.

Los aspectos clave de la directiva europea son:

-Obligación de reportar y mantener la trazabilidad de los ascensores y sus componentes:

  • Las empresas que fabriquen, vendan o instalen componentes de seguridad de ascensores deben registrar, con un mínimo de 10 años, dónde ha sido comprado y a quién ha sido vendido el componente en cuestión.
  • Los ascensores y componentes de seguridad tienen que llevar un número de tipo, lote o serie indicando su marca y una única dirección de contacto en un idioma comprensible por el usuario final.

-Obligaciones de comunicación de posibles riesgos de los agentes económicos. A partir de ahora cualquier agente que esté implicado en la cadena de suministro (instalador, fabricante, importador o distribuidor) deberá:

  • Ofrecer la garantía del marcado CE y adecuada documentación e instrucciones.
  • Monitorizar de manera permanente los defectos y reclamaciones.
  • Garantizar la conformidad inalterada por transporte y almacenamiento.

Notificar de manera inmediata los riesgos a las agencias nacionales de vigilancia de mercado.

  • Definir y comunicar acciones correctivas derivadas.
  • Cooperar con las agencias nacionales de vigilancia de mercado ante cualquier requerimiento.

Siempre que se detecte un componente que presente un riesgo de seguridad se deberá notificar tanto al cliente como a la autoridad competente y adoptar las acciones correctivas lo más pronto posible. En estos casos, la directiva facilitará la localización y la sustitución de componentes potencialmente inseguros.

Mansiones de la Corte Bedford


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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Successful Year 2019:  We inform you that we are closed from Monday 24th until Tuesday 1st January, both included, for Christmas Holidays.


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GLE LIFTS: EN81-72 FIREFIGHTING | Many buildings and environments require our lifts to be provided with additional protection controls and signals. We ensure the protection and equipment against water and follow the regulation to ease the rescue from inside or outside the lift car in case of fire: emergency trapdoors, accessible ladders, priority recall for the firefighter lift and use of the lift under firefighters control. Contact us for further information on:


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The new lift installation at the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall, London was with a specially-designed lift manufactured by GLE.

The requirements for the installation were exceptionally high so GLE supplied a lift which was bespoke and which incorporated perfectly into the building’s decoration. The original steel landing doors were asked to be maintained for aesthetic reasons so the lift car was designed to be able to continue using these doors.

The car was glass with no corner frames and with a special finish in order to fit in to the staircase and landing doors.

The feedback for this project was extremely positive and GLE are proud to have been able to supply a lift for such a prestigious location.