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You can now contact us on Skype.

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25 Mar 2020

Global Lift Equipment & Delmoz Spa

At Global Lift Equipment we celebrate the exclusive representation agreement signed with the Chilean company Delmoz Spa. Both Global Lift Equipment and Delmoz Spa are companies that never stop in the constant search for business excellence and with a clear commitment to customers, suppliers, collaborators and the local community. For GLE, the references throughout the world, about our products and services, are our main quality guarantee. We are aware that the quality and excellence of products and services, within a business culture, can only be achieved if we maintain full cooperation with our main partners, as in this case, Delmoz Spa for the Chilean market. Delmoz company offers quality services linked to vertical transport, despite being a young company they…
18 Mar 2020


At Global Lift Equipment, we are very impressed with the nice job made by our good partner in the United Kingdom, Amalgamated Liftd Ltd. It is a great modernisation in an existing shaft, with fully glazed structure and special bronze finishes in all the walls, landing doors and car doors. We have manufactured this special Enviro Custo Max with rucksack sling and glazed landing and car doors to be the substitute of the former Lift. The Enviro Custo Max is Global Lift Equipment’s main Solution for refurbishments and modernisations, it is a compact MRL gearless Lift with extremely reduced headroom, pit and shaft dimensions. After a great work on site for the installation and modernisation we can only say that…
31 Jan 2019


Not only we adjust our design to specific shaft dimensions, building conditions, specifications, materials. We also give our customers the possibility of a complete bespoke solution for their lifts. From choosing or designing their COP, buttons, landing indicators, landing push stations, car indicators...   Check out our End User Catalogue in our website, to design your lift according to your needs & don't hesitate to contact our sales team for further information on (