The MRL Enviro Revolution is now available 450kg or 630 kg and  Incorporates the latest technology in safety components, artificial intelligence, motor efficiency, indicators, as well as attractive finishes.

We use LimaxSafe encoder for precise positioning of the lift car, faster installation and a cleaner shaft. If you wish to know more about this technology, you can check the following video:

This lift travels at 1 m/s, but can reach 1.2 m/s, depending on the load of the lift in each trip, thanks to the Varispeed.

Among other advantages, this lift has been designed to be installed in 100 hours and has a lead time of 4 weeks.

In terms of installation we have designed the product following these guidelines:

  • Reducing installation times.
  • Improve the installation procedure giving priority to engineer safety.
  • Reduce the weight of parts.
  • Improve the packaging, avoiding spread material on site.
  • Preassembled material from the factory.
  • Bolts and nuts attached to parts.
  • Scafoldless installation
  • Use of Velcro for easy installation of certain parts.
  • Improve the installation manual.
  • Creation of a video guide.
  • All the above managed by one person most of the time.

The product is the result of many years of design, manufacturing and installation of lifts. Just after having the lift ready for production, we followed the installation of 3 local installation. During this period we checked most of the parts, fitting times, clashing components and even bolts and nuts difficult to tight.

With all this, we can guarantee an average time of installation of less than 100 hours for a 4 stops lift, mostly of the time done by one engineer. Apart from our own “test field” we sold some units to other Spanish companies and I have had regular meetings with them for receiving their feedback. Although most of the times were very positive, I could get some more improvements that were reported to the design team.

Today the product is becoming our most successful option as it is providing a technologically advanced product, 1,2 m/s but also to be installed very quick which gives an added value to customers who look after labor savings.