GLE has set a new standard in the lift industry in terms of speed, in both manufacturing and travel, whilst reducing costs at the same time with the Enviro REVOLUTION®

The Enviro REVOLUTION® is the result of over 50 years combining the latest technological advances with the installation of our own lift packages.

The Enviro REVOLUTION® is an MRL traction lift which is standardised as an “exception to the norm”, which allows it to travel from floor to floor at a speed of 1.2 m/s. This means that the lift is able to travel 8000 metres in two hours, 20% faster than a standard 1m/s traction lift.

Our new Enviro REVOLUTION® benefits from the highest level of energetic efficiency in accordance with VDI 4707 & ISO 25745-2.

A revolutionary product with many innovations:

  • The gearless MRL requires no lubrication and considerably reduces its electrical consumption.
  • “Stand-by” mode which activates when the lift is not in use.
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with the international norm ISO 14001 which establishes the standard features for an environmentally-friendly control.
  • SIRES (Shaft Intelligent Revolutionary Elevator Syetem)

A concept based on PESSRAL components with electronic activation of the OSG, electro-mechanical activation of safety gear and precise monitoring of the position of the car within the shaft which guarantees the maximum safety for passengers. As well as this, it allows for automatic learning of the position of the car within the shaft, reducing to a minimum the time necessary for a journey.

By combining these characteristics with the high level of industrial methodology at GLE, we have been able to launch one of the most competitive products in recent history. Not only does it comply with the highest technological requirements, it is also a product with an extremely competitive price, in accordance with market demands.

You can download our catalogue by clicking on the following link: Catalogue Enviro REVOLUTION®.