At GLE we are proud to be a company focused in a clear customer pholosophy, and a great flexibility and adaptability to comply with the specific requirements of each market. Our sales representatives are specialized in regulations and specific standards to give our customers the highest service according to their needs. As manufacturers of complete elevators, understanding as such the manufacture of both the mechanical and electrical parts, we differentiate ourselves by the ability to adapt to the most special requirements, even studying individual projects lift by lift.

For more than 20 years that we have been working in the Australian market, we have managed to adapt our elevators to the requirements of the specific regulations of that country standards. We have extensive experience in manufacturing and exporting lifts in Australia and New Zealand. Complying with BCA regulations, AS1735.12 and AS1735.18. Our commercial service and technical support are in English with a response time of less than 24 hours and wide experience in the Australian market.

In addition, we have just launched, in accordance with the Australian standard, our most revolutionary and modern lift, Enviro Revolution. It is a lift created and developed to compete against the big brands, but with unsurpassed technological advances, and with the most competitive price, installation in less than 100 hours and manufacture time in less than 5 weeks, as said a complete revolution!

We are present, with lifts installed, both in the states of Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia and Queensland too. Our after-sales service has a large stock to send spare parts and components as soon as possible, it will simply take as long as the package takes to arrive! For more information about our range of adapted lifts, do not hesitate to contact our commercial department at