At GLE we have been working with the Australian market for several years. In the continuous search for improvement and adaptability to our customer’s demands, we have carried out the adaptation and registration of our lifts according to the Australian standards, AS1735 and under the standards of the specifications established by the BCA, complete normative for the regulation of all the constructive elements within a building according to local Australian specifications. Almost all of our lifts are registered in Australia and are sold prepared according to the parameters and with the components set out in these standards (such as: Austel cable, Emphone telephone, Australia handrails, doors with fire protection according to Australian regulations, double COP for widths smaller than 1400mm, and much more).

Our commercial, technical and after-sales departments have been specializing theirselves with these particularities to give the best commercial and technical support, and the best support to all our clients from the antipodes. That is why, although it is always a great pride to see one of our lifts perfectly installed and in operation, it is true that when the images come from countries like Australia the pride is even greater, due to the specialization of the product and the versatility of our brand for all market demands. Furthermore, in this case the satisfaction is twofold, since this installation and start-up was carried out by a great friend and partner of GLE; Premier Lifts Pty Ltd. This is a 1000kg load Enviro Trend 1 model, which was installed in a very special environment. Thank you Andrew, and all our Australian clients, for trusting GLE and for the great work you always do. We’ll keep improving for you!