The elevator with automatic doors for residential and commercial use.

Improlift Plus® is a lift specially designed for transporting passengers in locations that often have very limited space for the installation of a conventional lift.

Improlift Plus® is an elegant residential lift suitable for all kinds of different environments.

It offers easy freedom of movement and an extremely comfortable means of moving from floor to floor that substantially improves the quality of life for building users.

This lift is designed for passenger transportation in family homes or commercial properties where space for a lift is at a premium.

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We provide our customers with detailed and comprehensive technical support (both electrical and mechanical) adapted to their particular needs during installation and/or maintenance operations.
In real time, in English and with real, highly qualified personnel. We take care of the complete life cycle of the products.

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Wide range of options available

Improlift plus is available with load capacities of 250, 325 or 400kg, with a full range of lift car configurations available for each model.

It is designed to blend in easily with any environment and to make it even more attractive than it already is.

It can be installed within a traditional masonry-built lift shaft anywhere on the property or can operate within its own self-supporting modular structure which is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes including glazed panels, if required.

So Improlift Plus® can always be relied on to add a sophisticated touch to its surroundings.

We offer an ample choice of elegant lift cars which are both comfortable and hard-wearing. They can satisfy the most demanding tastes and needs, effortlessly
blending in with the design setting. Options include automatic telescopic or centre-opening doors in a range of finishes.


Flexible and straightforward installation

  • It can be installed indoors or outdoors.
  • It does not require civil works or a pit.
  • Improlift Plus requires the same single-phase current as the rest of the house.
  • It can be installed in a prefabricated structure or in a masonry shaft.
  • Wide range of decorations and finishes to choose from.
  • Automatic telescopic or central doors, available in multiple finishes.
  • If you prefer, Improlift Plus® can also be installed within a traditional masonry-built shaft.We can manufacture lift cars to the required dimensions, provide a double entrance configuration with doors of different designs and widths and incorporate any other adaptations required to suit non-standard dimensions.

A lift which is energy-efficient & environmentally-friendly

- Improlift Plus® requires less energy supply than a conventional domestic lift.
- The system is very energy efficient and keeps your bills low.

- It operates on 220 volts, just like household appliances.

- The system operates on standard domestic single-phase alternating current.

- Improlift Plus® is a wonderfully quiet lift that does not acoustically pollute your home or business.
If required, the oil used to lubricate the hydraulic drive unit can be replaced with an environmentally friendly biodegradable lubricant that is non-polluting.

-The energy efficiency of Improlift Plus® is rated Class A, the highest available in this field.


No major building work and no pit

The robust freestanding structure which forms the liftshaft allows the Improlift Plus® lift system to be installed without any major building work or pit excavation, as it requires only the space which it itself takes up.

All this not only gets rid of the major nuisance involved in having building work carried out inside your own home, but also represents major financial savings compared to the costs generated by the installation of a conventional lift.

Easy access

Improlift Plus® is a lift specially designed to make lift travel easier for those with reduced mobility, such as the elderly and people with disabilities, in both existing buildings and brand-new ones.



Lift Landing Doors


Lift Landing Folding Doors


  • Suspended ceilings with indirect lighting only available for lift cars with 2200mm headroom and 2000mm-high door openings.
Lift Car Folding Doors

Operating panels, push-buttons & indicators


ImproLift CLASSIC with swing doors

Our IMPROIift® provides a safe, reliable, bespoke answer to the most challenging project. This comprehensive range of options is tailored to suit all environments, be it for retail, education, commercial or domestic installations.

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