An efficient lift solution for small spaces

Improlift® is a stylish residential lift suitable for all kinds of different environments both indoors or outdoors.

It has been specially designed for passenger transport in family homes, which usually have very limited space available for lift installation.

Its competitive sizing and significant advantages over other home lifts Improlift® the stand-out solution for family homes.

In most existing buildings where lack of space limits or rules out normal pit depth or headroom, the straightforward solution is Improlift®

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We provide our customers with detailed and comprehensive technical support (both electrical and mechanical) tailored to their particular requirements during installation and/or maintenance operations. In real time, in their lenguaje and with real highly-qualified personnel. We look after our products’ full life cycle.

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The ideal solution for the smallest of spaces.

Improlift® is available with load capacities of 250, 315 or 385 kg, with a full range of car configurations available for each model.

Improlift® can be installed in a masonry shaft or on a steel structure.

Each Improlift® includes all the necessary safety devices to make it a safe and reliable lift for the passenger.

Each Improlift® can be equipped with any additional safety features you require: key-operated push buttons to prevent unauthorised use by unauthorised personnel, safety devices that lead the car to the ground floor in case of power failure and many others.

Flexible and straightforward installation.


Improlift® not only eliminates the hassle of building work inside your home, but also represents a significant cost saving compared to the installation of a conventional lift.
If you prefer, Improlift® can also be installed in a conventional masonry shaft.

The installation of an IMPROLift requires only minor modifications to existing buildings or a minimum of work on new buildings.

No civil works.No pit.

Improlift®'s  self-supporting structure allows the lift to be installed without the need for civil works or the digging of a pit. It only requires a free space for its free space for its location

An energy efficient and environmentally friendly lift

Improlift® guarantees low energy consumption and running costs by using the standard household 220- 240V outlets. In fact, a Improlift® consumes as much energy as a standard household appliance.

Improlift® can optionally operate with an ecologically- sound biodegradable fluid which is not environmentally harmful.

Door options

Lift Landing Doors

Automatic bus-type lift car doors

manual (standard)

Lift Landing Folding Doors

Hinged doors with small glass panels

manual shutter gates

Lift Car Folding Doors

Hinged doors with large glass panels

manual picket gates

See inside this range the Improlift Plus, with the same features and more capacity.

Improlift Plus

Home lift with automatic sliding doors

The ImproLift® is a home lift that does not require major building work and, with just a 120 mm minimum pit and very low headroom, customers will avoid the high costs they would incur.

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