To understand who we are today, it is always important to look back and review our origins and where we come from, to not to lose the essence that create us as a company. This is why today we want to review the history of GLE from our origins to what we have managed to be today.

Global Lift Equipment, was founded in 1999 as part of an expansion and growth plan of an important group of companies, all linked to the elevator sector, IMEM LIFTS GROUP. To serve those markets that due to specificities needed greater attention and commercial specialization.

We are a family owned business, and that is perceived in our values, principles and way of doing business and interacting with customers. It is these values that have accompanied us during the last 20 years, that have served us (and serve) as a guide for the day-to-day, not to think only in numbers, but to look beyond and understand the needs of our clients, to seek business excellence at the highest quality service, to provide the best possible advice to our clients based on their needs and not only our own. 

GLE based its beginnings on the opening of the Spanish market, a market of great difficulty as per the high level of competition. After the effort and success of the first years, it was decided to open borders and try their luck in international markets, with the main focus in the United Kingdom, as well as in the rest of Europe. Where we soon achieve a good positioning and a great acceptance of our product, company philosophy and way of understanding vertical elevation, not as something isolated as manufacturers, but as a company that provides services and objective advice, which provides value and confidence for its quality and good service to those who trust us to choose their lift.

We have specialized in the advice, conception, design, manufacture of all types of elevators, but in a more deep way in special and fully bespoke lifts, for large buildings, special shafts, large loads, large panoramic cars, including iconic buildings. of architecture etc.

After these first steps in the export market, in recent years, we have not ceased in our efforts to grow at all levels, we have had no borders, we are present in many countries throughout the Globe and we always keep the focus alive as a company formed by people to serve people, which is today our hallmark and our guide to continue a path that we are sure will bring us many satisfactions in the future. #GLELifts # GLEclosetoyou