There are already several months in which, from this blog, we try to bring the benefits of our innovative new Enviro Revolution. We have already detailed its performances in terms of technological improvements, artificial intelligence, energy management, management of assembly and maintenance times (less than 100 hours of installation by a single operator!). But, on this occasion we wanted to bring up and explain another of the topics, which despite being less technical and technological, does not cease to surprise our customers by the agility it provides in the procedures, both in the initial stages of the process, the manufacturing procedures as well as those of transport and delivery of the elevators in the sites.

The Enviro Revolution lift has been conceived to make life easier for our customers, but also to facilitate the work of the managers who work with the elevator from its conception to its delivery. That is why one of the main improvements it introduces is the reduction of waiting times:

  • Response times have been reduced, as more standardized, our commercial teams can offer immediate response and give in a really reduced time (2 hours) for both, the offer requested by the client for the specific project and the initial layout plan to accompany the offer and provide more information to our customers.
  • Final drawings creation time have been reduced. Once the offer is accepted, the final drawings of the Enviro Revolution lift projects will be created by our engineering teams in a truly revolutionary period of time, which in many cases does not exceed 24/48 hours!
  • One of the parts most affected by this reduction of times that we comment on is: the production leadtime. Enviro Revolution lifts have been conceived to be manufactured in times that, as their name suggests, are totally revolutionary. We are talking about an average manufacturing time of 4 weeks from the approval of plans. In addition, our continuous improvement departments are working to be able to provide a better service, even, to our clients and reduce more those production and manufacturing times, and thus, to be able to deliver elevators to our clients in terms that will not have competition, speaking of custom equipment.

In addition, of all this, let’s not forget to emphasize that, once we receive the Enviro Revolution lift on site, it can be installed in less than 100 hours by a single person. What makes it one of the most competitive elevators on the market in this regard.

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