GLE Global Lift Equipment

A revolution in so many ways

The Lift Enviro Revolution is the result of experience, where the latest technical advances have been combined with more than 50 years practice in installation. Throughout the design, several parts have been modified and adapted in order to reduce installation time as much as possible. It also incorporates a series of technological advances, as standard, that make it the elevator of the future, took to the present! such as:

  • Installation in less than 100 hours (mostly by a single person).
  • ALEC and SIRES system.
  • PESSRAL devices.
  • Varispeed.
  • Smartech displays in the car (option for floors).
  • High energy efficiency.
  • Modern finishes and the best qualities
  • Manufacture in 4/5 weeks.

To know more about this innovative lift, watch the following video ...

Work Site Data

Work Site Data