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Enviro Revolution

Our Enviro REVOLUTION® lifts have been awarded the maximum possible energy-efficiency ratings according to the VDI 4707 and ISO 25745-2 standards.

  • The incorporation of Varispeed and Direct Approach System.
  • The gearless drive unit significantly lowers energy consumption and does not require lubricants.
  • Stand-by mode is activated whenever the lift is not in use.
  • Energy-efficient lighting with LED spotlights.
  • Designed and built in compliance with ISO 14001, the international standard which sets the basis for an effective environmental management system.

A revolution in so many ways

The revolution for GLE has begun not only with the launch of this new lift Enviro REVOLUTION® on a commercial level, but from its very essence, its own structure. It is an honour for us to present this product that has been created and is an inherent part of GLE and our philosophy. It has helped us to grow at an industrial level and become a productive centre, since it will be in our facilities where this lift is manufactured from start to finish.

Did you know that our Enviro REVOLUTION® is supplied with the LIMAX SAFE device as standard?

A revolutionary system that gives the elevator greater safety, comfort and agility in installation and maintenance. Check this video for full information.

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