The Altamira II control system has been completely designed in house and can be installed on any type of Elevator, both traction or hydraulic. Under a CAN BUS communication system, it can control groups of up to 8 lifts, 64 stops and speed of 5m/s. Altamira II minimices the sensors and components required, making it possible to utilice space to the máximum. It provides optimum travel comfort for the lift and reduces electrical consumption.

Easy and quick installation: Altamira II is supplied pre-assembled, pre-connected and pre-tested which simplifies installation and minimices any margin of error. Perfectly paired drive and motor matches de operation of Altamira II with the mechanics of every lift. Installation times are reduced thanks to the almost complete elimination of traditional sensors and magnets. Altamira II integrates software that allows a single person to perform a levelling operation in minutes and from inside the lift car. The control cabinet can be installed flexibly anywhere in the building up to a máximum distance of 20 metres form the drive motor (there are some exceptions where the control cabinet can be located more than 20 m from the drive motor, le tus know and we will check it for you).

Easy maintenance: A simple smart-phone or a laptop allows, without the need fro cables or additional tools, rapid, easy and user-friendly Access to the control system to perform lift maintenance tasks. Our app provides Access to documentation, manuals and communication with our customer support department. In the event of an unexpected anomaly, Altamira II will automatically proceed to correct it in a self-learning process by recording the event for later analysis by the maintenance department without interrupting the lift service. Our technical support department can provide remote support and real-time monitoring of lifts via telephone or internet.

Remote monitoring: The remote monitoring system allows lifts installed in one or more buildings to be run from a control roo mor even from our factory. This system is base don CAN bus technology that allows monitoring of lifts, detection and Reading of faults in real time, control of groups of lifts, analysis of equipment performance and many other functions.

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