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Rhinolift© is a goods lift of up to 2000kg rated load, specially designed for use in buildings with high turnover and movement of goods between floors - such as shopping centres, department stores, hypermarkets and industrial installations...

Rhinolift© is a sophisticated and reliable high-performance machine, far superior to the standard platforms and goods lifts on offer.

Technical support

We provide our customers with detailed and comprehensive technical support (both electrical and mechanical) tailored to their particular requirements during installation and/or maintenance operations. In real time, in english and with real highly-qualified personnel. We look after the products’ full life cycle.

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Wide range of options available

Rhinolift© is available with load capacities of 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000kg, with a full range of lift car configurations available for each model.

Over and above our wide-ranging selection of standard solutions, GLE can also design the exact made-to-measure Rhinolift© which you and your business need, adapting it to your precise specifications.

Flexible and straightforward installation

Rhinolift© installation is designed to cause the minimum disruption to the day-to-day operation of your business, and does not require messy on-site building work. Rhinolift© requires no extra space at all for its installation. No major construction work is necessary inside your building:

The Rhinolift© comes with its own freestanding modular structure, fully capable of bearing the weight of the whole system.

Rapid installation

Rhinolift© installation is very fast: just ten weeks after signing the order, your Rhinolift© will be in place and ready to start work.

No machine room, no pit and no shaft headroom

Rhinolift© requires no machine room, no shaft headroom and no pit - everything needed for its effective operation is housed within its freestanding structure, including a 100mm shaft pit


Rhinolift© will reduce your operating costs: its energy consumption is significantly lower than that of conventional lift platforms.

Simple and safe to use

Transporting goods with Rhinolift© is very straightforward and completely safe for the operative.

Door options

Lift Landing Doors

LiftLanding doors

manual (standard)

Lift Landing Folding Doors

LiftLanding folding doors

manual shutter gates

Lift Car Folding Doors

LiftCar folding doors

manual picket gates

See inside this range the Rhino Lift Pro product, with the same features and more capacity.

Rhino Lift Pro
We are makers Unleash your imagination
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Rhino Lift Pro goods lift with attendant

Rhino Goods Lifts and Goods With Attendant: The last product of GLE – RHINO freight elevator with passenger to assist the loading. If the operator frequently handles buItos or machinery, Rhino forklift is the best solution.

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