ImproLift CLASSIC with swing doors

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ImproLift CLASSIC with swing doors

The ideal modernisation solution for the most challenging shaft dimensions.

Our IMPROIift® provides a safe, reliable, bespoke answer to the most challenging project. This comprehensive range of options is tailored to suit all environments, be it for retail, education, commercial or domestic installations.

With little disruption to existing buildings and minimal builders work for new build projects, our range of alternative sizes and options offer unrivalled flexibility.


A homelift offering unrivalled performance and optimal use of space with endless options.

Drive unit type


Operational type

Drive electronic valve control.

Rated speed

0.15 metres/second | AUS: 0.30 metres/second.

Rated loads

250, 315 or 385 Kg.

Entrance configurations

Single, double at 90º, double at 180º or triple (not available for AUS).

Maximum travel

12 metres.


From 1.4 up to 3.4kW depending on the model selected.

Car height

2000, 2050, 2100 (standard), 2150 or 2200 mm.

Minimum pit depth

100 mm / 120 mm (AUS).

Minimum headroom

2450 mm.

Door clearance width

From 600 to 900 mm in 50 mm increments

(800 mm. for class A or B wheelchairs).


Acoustic alarm push-button.

Emergency lighting.

2D full height electronic door-safety barrier.

Overload monitor with visual & acoustic in-car alert.

Lift car lighting switched off when not in use.

Control system

Single – phase power supply 240VAC.

Voltage and frequency inverter, with no electrical circuit protection box.

APB control system.


 The IMPROIift® can be installed within a site-built shaft or with its own metal structure.


GLE Improlift Classic

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