One of our best clients presented us another challenge, which was to supply a hydraulic CAR LIFT FOR ARMORED CARS to be installed in the brand new Terminal 5 of the Heathrow Airport in London. This is to be intended as a typical hydraulic car lift but for these special cars for VIP people.

  • The 5.000 kg lift travels at 0.5m/s, serves 4 floors and 21m.
  • G.M.V. Telescopic piston hydraulic equipment.
  • The car is 6,600 (w) X 3,000 (d) X 3,500 (h) mm.
  • The doors are Wittur 6 panels centre openign 2600 (w) X 2400 (d)

After it was carefully designed, the overall manufacture took 12 weeks and the result is a top quality equipment, ready to safely transport armored cars in the VIP area of the Terminal 5.

Download Heathrow T5 CAR LIFT