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UK Controllers

As a company we have been assessed under the European Lift Directive 95/16/EC and have been awarded the Quality Assurance Module Certificate of Conformity to Annex X111 of the Lift Directive.

This directive is strictly adhered to via EN81. Significant steps have been taken to ensure compliance to the European Directive 89/336/EEC with regards to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). All electrical and electronic apparatus have undergone both in house testing and in certain cases testing via a Namas accredited test facility, resulting in documentation allowing us to issue self certification of compliance with the directive.

All of our systems whether it is a simple relay system or a complex microprocessor design, are designed and built using the highest quality materials and there is never a compromise on safety.


  • SmartCard security access and customer recognition
  • Fault Trace software to capture intermittent faults with ReplayDisplay
  • Engineer selectable Text Message via user interface
  • RTOS real-time-operating-system ensures optimum software management
  • Real-time-clock
  • Internet, Intranet connectivity options

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Standard features:

  • Fire Control
  • Service / Goods Control
  • 110% Overload
  • Homing
  • Out of Service

System types:

  • Full Collective
  • Down Collective
  • Non Selective Collective
  • APB Control


  • Direction Arrows (collective controls only)
  • Lift Overload indicator
  • Out of service indicator
  • Positions Indicators
  • Car Call and Landing Indicators
  • Fire Control indicator
  • Arrival Gong Control

Various options available from numerous UK controller manufacturers

For example. ILE / TVC / Liftstore

 GLE offers the posibility of integrating your favourite UK control panel to our complete lift.

UK Controllers

1. ILE – Lift Controller

ILE manufacture a full range of lift control systems to suit most requirements from a simple two floor goods hoist to a multi-car group system, or a single speed machine to a high speed gearless drive. ILE can produce the control system to meet your needs.

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