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Australian market


1. Hydraulic lifts:

  • The pump must have GMV type 2CH valve with pressurestat.

2. Dimensions:

  • Pit dimension if always 10mm more than our standard dimension.

Australian reg II

3. Car

  • Car top controller with common push button and single light unit.
  • 2 x COP’s –if a wheel chair cannot be turned around within the lift car then 2 car operating panels must be used.
  • Emergency stop button of the car top controller must have it’s own wiring.

4. Doors

  • Landing doors with double door contacts and locks.
  • Lowest floor door with lock to allow the door to be opened from the pit.

Australian reg III

5. Shaft:

  • Slack rope switch always included.
  • Shaft lighting with individual switches as it is to be switched on from 3 areas; from the top floor, the pit and from the controller cabinet.
  • Shaft lights are always 2 x fluorescent tubes.
  • Shaft electrical safety switches to be in 3 parts, one for emergency push switches, one for the doors and one for other fixings.

Australian reg IV

6. Wiring:

  • Trailing cable certified by Austel.
  • No yellow or green wiring to be used.
  • If the travel is more than 12m Australian fireman’s control must be used.

7. Landings:

  • Direction indicator with arrows only.
  • Dot matrix display = optional.
  • “In case of fire” engraved detail = optional.

Australian reg V

AS1735.12 Disabled

  • Push buttons with Braille & blue lighted surround.
  • LOP’s must be 245mm x 80mm.
  • The alarm button must always go in the bottom right hand corner.
  • 2 tone gong.
  • Push buttons must be between 900mm – 1200mm high.
  • Autodialler – EMFONE DCT-C83.
  • LOP and COP must have a buzzer whilst accepting a call.
  • Voice synthesizer.
  • AS 1735.10(Int) Part 10(Int): Tests.
  • AS 1735.11 Part 11: Fire-rated landing doors.
  • AS 1735.12 Part 12: Facilities for persons with disabilities.

Australian reg VI

The AS 1735 series consits of the following parts:

  • AS 1735.1 Part 1: General requirements.
  • AS 1735.2 Part 2: Passenger and goods lifts—Electric.
  • AS 1735.3 Part 3: Passenger and goods lifts—Electrohydraulic.
  • AS 1735.4 Part 4: Service lifts—Power-operated.
  • AS 1735.5 Part 5: Escalators and moving walks.
  • AS 1735.7 Part 7: Stairway lifts.
  • AS 1735.8 Part 8: Inclined lifts.
  • AS 1735.9 Part 9: Special purpose industrial lifts.
  • AS 1735.13 Part 13: Lifts for persons with limited mobility—Manually powered.
  • AS 1735.14 Part 14: Low-rise platforms for passengers.
  • AS 1735.15 Part 15: Low-rise passenger lifts—Non-automatically controlled.
  • AS 1735.16 Part 16: Lifts for people with limited mobility—Restricted use—Automatically controlled.
  • AS 1735.17 Part 17: Lifts for people with limited mobility—Restricted use—Water-drive.
  • AS/NZS 1735.18 Part 18: Passenger lifts for private residence — Automatically controlled.

Australian reg I

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