Selcom Doors

Advantages of buying from GLE:

  • We offer the full Selcom/Wittur range of doors
  • Major price discounts available
  • Many models available for immediate delivery
  • Unbeatable customer service to guide you through your order
  • Reduced lead times
  • HIAB facilities available for direct to site shipments
  • Full range of spare parts available
  • Bespoke design service available

Selcom door adantages include:

  • Protective packaging as standard
  • Beat the competition
  • Win on the € exchange rate
  • Reliability
  • Vast array of door configurations available
  • Always a solution available
  • Ideal for modernisations as well as new buildings
  • Large amount of bespoke options

We are able to offer the full Wittur/Selcom door range at unbeatable discounts. With over 5000 doors sold into the UK, the GLE price cannot be beaten.

Don’t forget! GLE can also supply GAL/Fermator/Prisma doors.


Discounted prices
Reduced lead times
Endless options
GLE quality guarantee
Immediate shipment on certain products
Full technical support available




Selcom Doors

Wittur/Selcom door offer

GLE offers a full range of wittur/selcom doors at reduced prices!

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