A GLE HOMELIFT increases the value of your home

Statistics show that in the same way a balcony or a fireplace, a GLE HOMELIFT will increase the value of your home.

Statistics show that in the same way a balcony or fireplace will increase the value of an apartment, the value of a house increases when a GLE HOMELIFT is installed. This seems pretty logical to us. A GLE HOMELIFT makes it possible for all kinds of people to live and feel at home there, and the home becomes attractive to a greater range of purchasers. As a bonus, a lift is an exclusive, stylish feature that adds luxury and distinction to the home. What’s more, a GLE HOMELIFT will not take up a great deal of space and it allows for a more versatile floor plan. You could for example dispense with the narrow, steep cellar staircase in your split-level house and replace it with a simple, convenient GLE HOMELIFT. Not just an attractive proposition for you, but also for those beginning to get on in years and the parents of curious young children.

Satisfaction and convenience

Your GLE HOMELIFT will bring you more satisfaction and convenience than you can ever imagine.

Many people in australia still believe that home lifts are something for the elderly or handicapped, but our customers know different. For many years we’ve been selling lifts to football players, skiers and young families who are not elderly or handicapped and have absolutely no difficulty taking the stairs. So why did they buy home lifts, one might ask. We think it’s because GLE HOMELIFT have evolved from being purely a problem-solver into a practical, good-looking furnishing. Our customers tell us that their home lifts mean so much more than just moving from floor to floor. Many of them still run up and down the stairs. But when things like shopping or prams or guests whose knees are feeling their age need to move upstairs, the lift provides more convenience and satisfaction than you can ever imagine. Taking the lift adds luxury to everyday life, they tell us. It’s also a great feeling to know that they have future-proofed their beloved homes so that they can go on living there far into their autumn years when many others are forced to move because their stairs have become a hinder.

But aren’t homelifts expensive?

The great majority of our customers are pleasantly surprised when they hear the price. It’s actually significantly lower than you might think. Installing a GLE HOMELIFT doesn’t cost any more than a new kitchen or bathroom renovation. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the smart design makes our GLE HOMELIFT much simpler and cheaper than conventional lifts. Secondly, we keep our production costs down thanks to modern, efficient manufacturing in Spain and large volumes. What’s more, our designs are such that they incur only minor intrusion during installation. All-in-all this means the price tag is seldom a sticking point when deciding on a home lift.

In addition to this, you just have to plug it to any power socket in your house.

Is a GLE home lifts lift noisy?

Our home lifts are extremely quiet. Its special hydraulic system means that you can use the lift with minimal disturbance to others in the house. In fact, it is quieter than some stairlifts.

Can I have / fit a GLE HOMELIFT?

One of the best things about a GLE HOMELIFT homelift is how versatile it is. Its unique design allows it to be installed in many more places than a regular elevator or stairlift. Wherever you want to place the lift, there’s a good chance it will fit there.

Don’t homelifts require major structural intrusions?

Because homelifts barely take up more space than the lift itself only minor intrusions are necessary. Well, we do need to make a hole between floors! But no holes or shafts are required in the ground floor beneath the lift, and no extra space is required above or beside the lift for a large machinery space as with conventional lifts. It usually only takes 6-8 days for our certified installers to install your homelift. During this time they assemble the self-supporting shaft, install the lift, connect power and emergency telephone and perform a safety inspection so that you can begin using your lift immediately.