¿Es posible comprar partes del ascensor MRL o ha de adquirirse completo?

Se ofrece al cliente la posibilidad del suministro parcial o total del ascensor.

Se puede suministrar al cliente desde el tornillo más básico hasta el ascensor completo, pasando por el suministro de partes mecánicas o partes eléctricas, o componentes sueltos, de tal manera que el cliente se puede componer el ascensor de la manera que más le interese.

But aren’t homelifts expensive?

The great majority of our customers are pleasantly surprised when they hear the price. It’s actually significantly lower than you might think. Installing a GLE HOMELIFT doesn’t cost any more than a new kitchen or bathroom renovation. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the smart design makes our GLE HOMELIFT much simpler and cheaper than conventional lifts. Secondly, we keep our production costs down thanks to modern, efficient manufacturing in Spain and large volumes. What’s more, our designs are such that they incur only minor intrusion during installation. All-in-all this means the price tag is seldom a sticking point when deciding on a home lift.

In addition to this, you just have to plug it to any power socket in your house.

If the traction sheave cannot be removed…what is the solution?

As the sheave is situated within the drum of the drive alongside the permanent magnets it cannot be replaced. To prevent the need of this ever occurring, the sheave is made of stronger that normal steel (HB260-300) meaning that the sheave will last a lot longer. Also, the manufacturer has also increased the amount of grooves so that if this were ever to wear, the ropes could be moved into different grooves which consequently doubles the usable life of the drive.

What is the best option for the motor-variable frequency drive?

At GLE we supply all of our gearless drives with Vacon variable frequency drives.

We recommend the use of these drives with the Diana gearless traction range as we believe to have found the perfect combination. It should also be known that our gearless machines will work with any other type of variable frequency drive. Our technical support team is available if you require more information regarding the pairing of a Diana motor with another type of variable frequency drive.

What is the delivery time for your equipment?

Our current guaranteed delivery time for standard complete lift packages are 6 weeks and 9-11 weeks for bespoke solutions depending on their nature.

However, some times people forget to order a lift so we can prepare in 4 weeks, if it is standard.

Also we can Split delivery mechanical and electrical part so can bring the shipment date back.

Anyway, give us a call to discuss.