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Control Panel

The lift control Altamira is a result of years of development and innovation to finally create the most advanced product in constructive technology and functionality for lift control. It can run anything from simplex to 4 units at a time over 32 floors.

All our controls can be A.P.B, down collective or full collective.

minimum wiring

The “Altamira” control requires minimum wiring thanks to its intelligent peripheral components with Can BUS. The same control can be used for the following installation: MRL, hydraulic, high speed, lifts with machine room and inclined.


Some of its characteristics are:

  • Multiple configurable parameters for each client.
  • Eprom flash resident software, to be loaded via PC or MODEM.
  • Real time clock.
  • Floor position and error indicator.
  • Comunication RS 485. Includes conmutable protocols to be identified depending on the Terminal. It is posible to connect the programmer or alternatively, network a PC to monitor in real time the lift status.
  • Programmer with several languages.
  • Ready to be connected through different safety relays.

Characteristics II

  • Indicador messages programmable for each landing.
  • Local network CAN BUS.
  • Temperature sensor.
  • Star Delta timer.
  • Battery charger.
  • Emergency battery.
  • Motor and hydraulic equipment temperatura sensor.
  • Hydraulic emergency control.
  • Phase control with L1-L2-L3 inputs and 200-460 V 50-60 Hz.
  • Safety circuit powered from 100 to 230 V, 50-60 Hz.
  • Emergency Handsfree.

Characteristics III

  • Acoustic alarm.
  • Intercomunicator among car ceiling-pit-control panel.
  • Connector blocks for each component.
  • Main power LED.
  • Retiring cam control.
  • Emergency lighting control.
  • Intercomunicator control.
  • EN81.1 Traction lifts.
  • EN81.2 Hydraulic Lifts.
  • Amplifier for electronic gong with programmable sounds.
  • Voice synthesizer.

Characteristics IV

  • Matchs all type of doors.
  • Car light timer.
  • Low distance between floors control.
  • Car attendant.
  • Preference or VIP service.
  • Door close.
  • Lift man service.
  • British Part M Standard.
  • French US 36 Standard.
  • Building management service

Characteristics V

  • EN81-70 Accessibility for persons to the lifts including person with disabilities.
  • EN81.71. Vandal resistant lifts.
  • EN81.72 Fire fighting lifts.
  • EN81.73 Behaviour of the lift in case of fire.

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