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Up to 4500 kg

Our range of hydraulic car lifts caters for loads up to 4500 kg. Wall finishes include epoxy painted steel or brushed stainless steel.

Quality finishes

The car lifts are built with automatic doors with 4,6 or 8 panels available in epoxy or stainless steel finished. Description: Hydraulic, direct action, by means of two opposite cylinders in such a way that cabin is not hung by means of chains or cables. Depending on the travel distance, cylinders can be:

  • Single (just one expansion).
  • Telescopics with hydraulic synchronism.


  • Single cylinders for travel distances up to 4.5 m (depending on available pit and headroom, for checking that cylinders fit into the designed slings).
  • Telescopic cylinders of two expansions for travel distances up to 7 m;
  • For longer travel distances need telescopic cylinders of three expansions.

Every cylinder type have lower hydraulic buffers, with interconnected stop valves for the simultaneous closing of both valves in case of performance.

Oil inlet located in the lower part of the cylinders.

They are supplied already mounted in to the guiding elements.

Please download our « Technical Information » PDF for more information.

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