Soluciones de rehabilitación

Ascensores y soluciones a medida que brindan éxito en proyectos de reforma.

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Equipamientos para Ascensores

Ascensores para edificios residenciales, hospitales, centros comerciales, oficinas. Vea nuestro amplio rango de productos.

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Ahora puede contactarnos vía Skype

Ahora puede contactarnos vía Skype.

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31 Ene 2019


Not only we adjust our design to specific shaft dimensions, building conditions, specifications, materials. We also give our customers the possibility of a complete bespoke solution for their lifts. From choosing or designing their COP, buttons, landing indicators, landing push stations, car indicators...   Check out our End User Catalogue in our website, to design your lift according to your needs & don't hesitate to contact our sales team for further information on (
23 Ene 2019

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

At GLE we are happy to have started our first orders using BIM. It's been such a big market demand and we are now ready to collaborate in external projects during their entirety with the same design platform as the rest of interveners. We can use it for the design of all of our lifts (passanger lifts, service lifts, goods lifts, car lifts) and collaborate through all the steps with all the parties involve in the construction #GLELifts #GlobalLiftEquipment #GoingUpInStyle Ask for more information:
21 Ene 2019


We are pleased to inform you that this would be our factory calendar for 2019. WORKING SHEDULE 2019