Hydro MRL 450-1250 kg

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For lighter traffic frequency

Hydraulic lifts are a type of elevator used for lighter traffic frequency, especially in low rise buildings or in modernisation cases.

Endless solutions

We offer options for standard pump rooms, MRL in the pit or MRL with a cabinet.

Load capacities

Hydraulic lifts offer a wide range of rated load capacities, from 75 to 50,000 kg. Thus, these installations make for versatile solutions that adapt to multiple environments, carrying passengers or goods.


Load 300 – 750 Kg
Speed 0,63/0,15 m/s
Maximum travel 24 metres
Power 10,5 CV/ 7,7 Kw
Shaft dimensions Minimum width: 1400 / Minimum depth: 1250
Car dimensions Minimum width: 900 / Minimum depth: 950
Maximum no. of floors 9
Pit 1250 mm

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