Overspeed governor Wittur EOS

Advantages compared to traditional devices

  • Protection against uncontrolled car movements.
  • Faster action.
  • Acceleration-based tripping.

Available options

  • Remote control for application in MRL-elevators
  • Anti creep-device for unintended movement protection
  • Encoder output for positioning system
  • Temporary reduced tripping speed, e.g. for construction time and maintenance
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Wittur EOS overspeed governor

Electronic Overspeed Governor

  • Unidirectional or bi-directional operations.
  • Remote tripping/reset.
  • Continuous measurement of position, speed and acceleration: higher accuracy of measurement compared to conventional governors.
  • Outline dimensions do not change over whole speed range.
  • Activation possible at any point on perimeter.
  • Self-monitoring system.
  • Compliant with EN81-1/2:1998 / A1:2005 (PESSRAL).