• Ranging a load capacity from 320 to 630 Kg at a rated speed of 1 metre/second.
  • Our gearless motor is light, compact, energy efficient and eco-friendly.
  • Highly competitive in space-saving.
  • Easier to install and maintain.
  • Equipped with Direct approach system as standard.


Load 320-630 kg
Max. speed 1 m/s
Min. pit 1050 mm
Min.   headroom 3400 mm
Openings 0º & 180º
Sling type Conventional pulleys above
Roping 2:1
Motor MRL gearless traction
Shaft Reading This product features the Direct Approach floor system to offer an unbeatable ride.
*Option for Single Phase solution



MRL Elevator from 320 to 630 Kg. Speed 1 m/s

Ideal for residential and office environments.

ENVIRO PROGRESS is our most popular lift for low medium rise buildings. It counts with a very quite machine which provides a very energy efficient system. The lift can be provided with a variety of car finishes. Please check the car options at: https://gle-lifts.com/product-category/lift-cars/ and choose the best option for you request.

The enviro can also be adapted to different standards as the AUS or the new EN81-20. The MRL lift is the result of many years of MRL concept and provides the best relation between price and quality with an exceptional lead time.


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