The new GLE car catalogue is already uploaded to our website. It is a complete catalogue where we show our clients and end users the main decoration possibilities for their lifts. All the car models with which we regularly work at GLE are included in this complete catalog, each with a multitude of finishing options for walls, floors, lighting, ceilings, baseboards, etc. Within the same catalogue we also show some options of more technical, but also aesthetic, elements of finishes such as our wide range of buttons, displays, COPs, LOPs and floor buttons, floor indicators, etc. What we are looking for with this catalogue is to bring our clients the infinite customization options with which we work so that they themselves decide and choose the aesthetics and finishes they need or want for their lift. The best thing about the catalog is that if there is an option you are looking for and it is not there, we can also offer it to you! Always within our company philosophy of making lifts as customizable and à la carte as possible according to the particularities and requirements of our customers, buildings and shafts. Therefore, if you need a special lift, a special finish for your projects, do not hesitate to contact us and we will carry out a personalized study in detail,