End user catalogue – 2020 Updated

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The new GLE car catalogue is already uploaded to our website. It is a complete catalogue where we show our clients and end users the main decoration possibilities for their lifts. All the car models with which we regularly work at GLE are included in this complete catalog, each with a multitude of finishing options for walls, floors, lighting, ceilings, baseboards, etc. Within the same catalogue we also show some options of more technical, but also aesthetic, elements of finishes such as our wide range of buttons, displays, COPs, LOPs and floor buttons, floor indicators, etc. What we are looking for with this catalogue is to bring our clients the infinite customization options with which we work so that they themselves decide and choose the aesthetics and finishes they need or want for their lift. The best thing about the catalog is that if there is an option you are looking for and it is not there, we can also offer it to you! Always within our company philosophy of making lifts as customizable and à la carte as possible according to the particularities and requirements of our customers, buildings and shafts. Therefore, if you need a special lift, a special finish for your projects, do not hesitate to contact us and we will carry out a personalized study in detail, info@gle.com.es


New video – Enviro Revolution

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The Enviro Revolution lift has arrived to revolutionize the coomodity vertical transportation as we have known it until today. This is the latest MRL complete lift model designed and manufactured entirely by GLE. It is a model of lift that seeks to compete in the commodity and new construction lift markets but with a series of peculiarities that makes it unique in its kind.

It is in our DNA as a company to carry out, design and manufacture special lifts individually according to the characteristics required by our clients or attending to the specific characteristics of shafts and buildings. The new Revolution also changes our way of conceiving this type of lift, without neglecting our traditional activity, and introduces us to the world of standardized lifts.

When we talk about standardization in our Enviro Revolution we mainly refer to its dimensions and finishes since the rest of the particularities and characteristics are absolutely revolutionary, for this reason and to explain some of them we wanted to create this illustrative video of the operation of three of its main characteristics : Varispeed system, LIMAX magnetic band and installation in less than 100 hours by only one person. For any additional information our technical and commercial departments will be at your disposal at info@gle.com.es

Beauregard Castle – Bordeaux

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Adaptability is one of the hallmarks of Global Lift Equipment. We adapt to any environment, building, shaft and landscape. Our lifts are designed not only to provide an improvement in vertical elevation and the user experience, but also to maintain and contribute to the aesthetics of the building where they will be installed. As in the Beauregard castle in Bordeaux (France) where a double entrance lift at 270º, 3 stops and 630 kg capacity was installed and gives the historic building perfect vertical mobility and removing all the architectural barriers! For any further question don’t hesítate to contact us at info@gle.com.es our technical-sales team will be happy to inform you.


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To understand who we are today, it is always important to look back and review our origins and where we come from, to not to lose the essence that create us as a company. This is why today we want to review the history of GLE from our origins to what we have managed to be today.

Global Lift Equipment, was founded in 1999 as part of an expansion and growth plan of an important group of companies, all linked to the elevator sector, IMEM LIFTS GROUP. To serve those markets that due to specificities needed greater attention and commercial specialization.

We are a family owned business, and that is perceived in our values, principles and way of doing business and interacting with customers. It is these values that have accompanied us during the last 20 years, that have served us (and serve) as a guide for the day-to-day, not to think only in numbers, but to look beyond and understand the needs of our clients, to seek business excellence at the highest quality service, to provide the best possible advice to our clients based on their needs and not only our own. 

GLE based its beginnings on the opening of the Spanish market, a market of great difficulty as per the high level of competition. After the effort and success of the first years, it was decided to open borders and try their luck in international markets, with the main focus in the United Kingdom, as well as in the rest of Europe. Where we soon achieve a good positioning and a great acceptance of our product, company philosophy and way of understanding vertical elevation, not as something isolated as manufacturers, but as a company that provides services and objective advice, which provides value and confidence for its quality and good service to those who trust us to choose their lift.

We have specialized in the advice, conception, design, manufacture of all types of elevators, but in a more deep way in special and fully bespoke lifts, for large buildings, special shafts, large loads, large panoramic cars, including iconic buildings. of architecture etc.

After these first steps in the export market, in recent years, we have not ceased in our efforts to grow at all levels, we have had no borders, we are present in many countries throughout the Globe and we always keep the focus alive as a company formed by people to serve people, which is today our hallmark and our guide to continue a path that we are sure will bring us many satisfactions in the future. #GLELifts # GLEclosetoyou


Sales support in arab now available at GLE

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Enviro Revolution

It is the latest addition to the wide range of languages ​​in which we can provide technical-commercial support to our customers. For a little over a year, we have incorporated, in our sales department, a person specialized in the Arab markets, with a native knowledge of the language, as part of the growth and expansion strategy that we have been working in the last  years at GLE.

Thanks to this new incorporation, and the knowledge and experience of more than 50 years in North Africa and the Gulf countries, we are achieving a better, and more effective, positioning of our lifts in the Arab markets.

For the first time, one of our catalogs has been translated into Arabic, it is the catalog of the revolutionary and innovative Enviro Revolution, a new MRL complete lift solution with great potential for the mentioned markets. It is an absolutely innovative lift in terms of technological advances that have been introduced as standard, but above all revolutionary for the Arab markets in terms of installation hours (less than 100 hours), aesthetic characteristics, very modern and sober, and the attractiveness of its sale price.

We will be happy to expand the information about this elevator, or any other of our products, in Arabic. We are manufacturers of vertical lifting solutions MRL, CCM, hydraulic, good lifts, special lifts, residential, etc. In addition, we continue, as always, with our commercial support in German, Spanish, French, Russian and English).

For more information do not hesitate to contact us at info@gle.com.es.

Lifts – Australian Standard

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GLE Australia

At GLE we are proud to be a company focused in a clear customer pholosophy, and a great flexibility and adaptability to comply with the specific requirements of each market. Our sales representatives are specialized in regulations and specific standards to give our customers the highest service according to their needs. As manufacturers of complete elevators, understanding as such the manufacture of both the mechanical and electrical parts, we differentiate ourselves by the ability to adapt to the most special requirements, even studying individual projects lift by lift.

For more than 20 years that we have been working in the Australian market, we have managed to adapt our elevators to the requirements of the specific regulations of that country standards. We have extensive experience in manufacturing and exporting lifts in Australia and New Zealand. Complying with BCA regulations, AS1735.12 and AS1735.18. Our commercial service and technical support are in English with a response time of less than 24 hours and wide experience in the Australian market.

In addition, we have just launched, in accordance with the Australian standard, our most revolutionary and modern lift, Enviro Revolution. It is a lift created and developed to compete against the big brands, but with unsurpassed technological advances, and with the most competitive price, installation in less than 100 hours and manufacture time in less than 5 weeks, as said a complete revolution!

We are present, with lifts installed, both in the states of Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia and Queensland too. Our after-sales service has a large stock to send spare parts and components as soon as possible, it will simply take as long as the package takes to arrive! For more information about our range of adapted lifts, do not hesitate to contact our commercial department at info@gle.com.es

Special Lifts

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Special Lifts

At GLE we have been working for more than 20 years to position ourselves as a benchmark in the manufacture and commercialization of lifts with special characteristics and bespoke lifts for the most important works, in the most illustrious buildings and under the most demanding manufacturing requirements. Currently we celebrate being a trusted brand for the largest companies in the sector to which we have provided solutions and advice for the most special and important vertical lift projects lately.

At Global Lift Equipment we work globally and have presence on five continents, alongside our clients, thanks to which we have lifts operating and servicing in some of the most important and emblematic buildings all around the world.

Hydraulic, Electric, Heavy Duty, Transportation of Artwork, Car Lift for Special Vehicles or Special Panoramic Lifts are just a few examples of the types of GLE Special Lifts that are installed worldwide.

Our firm is a guarantee of quality, for the most special lift projects Global Lift Equipment is your supplier.

Global Lift Equipment & Delmoz Spa

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At Global Lift Equipment we celebrate the exclusive representation agreement signed with the Chilean company Delmoz Spa.

Both Global Lift Equipment and Delmoz Spa are companies that never stop in the constant search for business excellence and with a clear commitment to customers, suppliers, collaborators and the local community.

For GLE, the references throughout the world, about our products and services, are our main quality guarantee. We are aware that the quality and excellence of products and services, within a business culture, can only be achieved if we maintain full cooperation with our main partners, as in this case, Delmoz Spa for the Chilean market.

Delmoz company offers quality services linked to vertical transport, despite being a young company they have the tools to give the best service to their clients in terms of maintenance, modernization, installation and standardization of all types of lifts. In addition, thanks to its extensive experience they can provide advice for the Lift selection and purchase that best suits with your building needs.

Thanks to this commercial relationship we have grown in the country and we have excellent business relationships with the largest real estate companies and other companies in the sector.

In addition, we have managed to carry out the first projects together with a high satisfaction level. With our high-quality lifts and Delmoz’s excellent technical-commercial network, we can supply all kinds of lifts, even tailor-made, with the most demanding European guarantee and certification, and at very competitive prices.


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At Global Lift Equipment, we are very impressed with the nice job made by our good partner in the United Kingdom, Amalgamated Liftd Ltd.

It is a great modernisation in an existing shaft, with fully glazed structure and special bronze finishes in all the walls, landing doors and car doors.

We have manufactured this special Enviro Custo Max with rucksack sling and glazed landing and car doors to be the substitute of the former Lift.

The Enviro Custo Max is Global Lift Equipment’s main Solution for refurbishments and modernisations, it is a compact MRL gearless Lift with extremely reduced headroom, pit and shaft dimensions.

After a great work on site for the installation and modernisation we can only say that a picture is worth more than a thousand words!

#GLELifts #Amalgamated #CleveHouse #EnviroCustoMax.

GLE Lifts - Enviro Custo Max

GLE Lifts - Enviro Custo Max

GLE Lifts - Enviro Custo Max


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After some time of very good cooperation with our friend company Al Badr in Damman, we have decided to cancel the exclusivity. Saudi Arabia is a very important market for GLE and we are in the process of increasing our goals for the years coming then need to open the market to a new companies.