Drum Drive Lifts: GLE ProButler ™ is an ideal ally to facilitate the work of your restaurant, hotel, library, business or even your own home, transporting small items up to 100 kg.   At GLE we would like to present our newest product: the GLE ProButler ™ mini loader.


-Traction or drum drive.

-Manual floor doors: vertical guillotine or swing doors.

-The perfect leveling at each stop ensures a comfortable loading and unloading.

-A robust and durable modular support structure.

-Simple boarding, double 90º and 180º or triple.

-Maneuver Call & send. Nominal load of 50 or 100 kg.

-Maximum route of 18.5m, 7 stops.

-It does not need a machine room (traction drive).

-The control panel can be installed inside the pit, last stop or outside the structure.

-Different cabin finishes to meet the customer’s requirements.

-A quick and easy installation: assembly, inspection and commissioning in just one business day for a qualified technician.

-It is supplied pre-assembled, pre-wired and tested, allowing to reduce installation times.

-Complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC. It complies with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30 / EU. Built and installed according to EN 81-3: 2000 + A1: 2008: Safety regulations for the construction and installation of elevators.

-Part 3: Electric and hydraulic minicargas.

For more information, please download our ProButler Catalog In case you need a quote, please fill in our ProButler Quotation Request Form and send it to info@gle.com.es.

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