More than a business

It’s a way of life that we have accumulated over the last 40 years. Building on this achievement in 1999, we defined Global Lift Equipment as an independent company based on our previous success.

Service excellence on a daily basis. Our corporate key value; business and management excellence.

We adapt to any product, project or policy and manufacture all kinds of special lifts.

Our daily business process is based on continous improvement. Our experience, knowledge, background and ongoing research and development have allowed us to become one of the world’s best know lift companies.

GLE designs and produces all type of lifts: Traction lifts with or without machine room, hydraulic lifts, service lifts, goods lifts as well as all types of special lifts : high speed lifts, refurbishments with small or complicated shafts, high capacity lifts, vandal resistant or fire fighting lifts and also lifts with special communication systems.

Global Lift Equipment is the European Leader in the design and production of special lifts

However, GLE is focused on adapting to its clients’ require-ments depending on each case to establish itself as a part-ner to develop the particular business.

Ascensores especiales




  • Unbeatable product range
  • A world of experience
  • Unique bespoke design service
  • Components and refurbishment range
  • Third generation family business
  • GLE staff must actively meet customers’ needs and demands
  • Any causes of failures are to be resolved through our established analysis system
  • EFQM management model – All areas must follow our continuous quality management
  • Quality control statistics are continuously reported to all areas of our organisation

It is with this business excellence that we have seen uninterrupted growth since day one. With all this in mind it is clear to see that Global Lift Equipment is a clear partner choice offering the latest advancements in the lift industry backed by an unbeatable service.

Lift consultancy

Imparcial advice from an international manufacturer

At GLE we offer full commercial and technical advice. As a supplier we fully understand your exact requirements. Global Lift is an international supplier.

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