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GLE started with the Diana Series in 2005. Since then, more tan 5000 Diana units have been installed all over the world. The gearless Diana machines can cover the range from 300 KG to 4000 Kg, speeds up to 4 m/s.
Beyond the particular opinions, the fact is that the Diana machines are working daily in thousands of installation providing best performance that can beat any other competitor. Give us a shout and will look for a Diana unit close to you so you can check yourself.
GLE counts with the largest range for gearless machines and can provide fast delivery for the most demanded options.
Below you can find our selection table to find the Diana machine that best fits your requirement. If any doubt, you can contact GLE at any time.
Prices available inmediatly, just get your preferred Diana machine and ask for prices.
Big deals for quantities.
We also can provide online support with the best lift engineers that will help you in finding any problema you must face.
GLE can supply the drive including a custom made software that will make your Diana gearless machine performance much better
All the Diana machines can be fitted in a bedplate to be installed in a machine room. We can design and provide or you can give us your ideas an we will study it.

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