EN81-71 anti-vandal lifts

At GLE we are able to provide complete or part lift packages to suit any project. Be it using a UK controller, UK autodialer or GAL doors you are sure to find the ideal solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

EN81-72 Firefighting

Ensuring the protection

Many buildings and environments require our lifts to be provided with additional protection controls and signals. We ensure the protection and equipment against water and follow the regulation to ease the rescue from inside or outside the lift car in case of fire: emergency trapdoors, accessible ladders, priority recall for the firefighter lift and use of the lift under firefighters control. 

EN81-70 DDA

We follow the safety rules

The car and lift design complies on request with all applicable UK and EEC rules and regulations including the Disability Discrimination Act, Part 111 2004. We follow the safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts – Particular applications for passenger and good passenger lifts- Part 70: accessibility to passenger lifts including persons with disability. 

EN81-A3 uncontrolled movement

GLE offer a full range of EN81-A3 solutions including Wittur UCM and Dynatech star A3.

Australian market

Australian reg I

Our new catalogue has a whole section dedicated to the australian market. Please download via the PDF link below.

Numerous options available - please contact us for more information:

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